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Betamethasone dipropionate

Brand names: B-MYCIN (in combination) BEPROGEL BEPROGENT (in combination) BEPROSALIC (in combination) BEPROSONE BUFENCON (in combination) CALCIDERMETHA (in combination) COMBIDERM (in combination) DAIVOBET (in combination) DIBETASOL (in combination) DIPRODERM DIPROFORTE DIPROGENTA (in combination) DIPROLENE DIPROPHOS (in combination) DIPROSALIC (in combination) DIPROSONE DIPROSPAN (in combination) ENSTILAR (in combination) FOBANCORT (in combination) GENTRIDERM (in combination) GENTRISONE (in combination) LOTRIDERM (in combination) LOTRISONE (in combination) NEODERM (in combination) SAEROGENTA-A (in combination) SERNIVO TACLONEX (in combination)

ATC Classification

H Systemic hormonal preparations, excl. Sex hormones and insulins → H02 Corticosteroids for systemic use → H02A CORTICOSTEROIDS FOR SYSTEMIC USE, PLAIN → H02AB Glucocorticoids

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