Treatment validation for drug-drug
and drug-disease interactions

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Personalized medication regimen
for every patient case

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Clinically proven decision support

2.100 active ingredients

Case-specific information

Accurate and reliable results


RxReasoner revolutionises the way health professionals decide on their patients' medication. It supports clinicians with automated, real-time recommendations by combining the scientific data with the individual's health record.


Improve quality while decreasing costs in healthcare. Integrate RxReasoner into the hospital information system to help clinicians find reliable answers as and when required.


Run an efficient practice by making confident, patient-oriented decisions. RxReasoner provides prescribers with a second opinion to ensure error-free treatments.


Offer a high-quality service within your pharmacy. Achieve optimal therapeutical outcome and experience by double-checking your patients' treatments and regimens.

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Who we are

We develop software solutions that enhance the capabilities of healthcare professionals by delivering clinical and pharmaceutical information at the point of care.

Our vision is to foster eHealth innovation in order to support decision making, lower costs, increase automation and, as a result, make healthcare simpler.

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