Reasoner as a Service

The majority of health professionals use one single information system on a daily basis. Getting trained on different software solutions is costly and time-consuming. Our powerful and flexible API allows any third party application to interoperate with the Reasoner and offer a unified experience to its users.

Thanks to our well documented API, any digital health provider is able to build tools specifically for its products with Reasoner as a Service. By incorporating the Cross-check and the Recommender functionalities in their solutions, vendors add a strong selling point to their offering.

Reasoner as a Service offers all needed documentation to guide you every step of the way.

Business opportunities

A great number of applications can benefit from incorporating RxReasoner in their functionalities, namely Hospital Information Systems, Electronic Health Records, Practice Management Systems, electronic prescribing and dispensing systems and patient applications. The Recommender and the Cross-check can work either real-time, for instance by alerting the user while prescribing, or offline, for example on historical data in the context of audits.

Technical superiority

All Reasoner components are housed into a high-availability application cluster that is ready to serve thousands of clients 24/7. Additional nodes may be added on demand. Communications happen through RESTful APIs, in well-documented JSON or XML documents, over secure channels, with single or two-factor authentication. Additional techniques are used for removing personal identifying information (PII) and making case-specific data pseudonymous.

We have selected RESTful APIs because they are:

  • simple to implement: they rely on HTTP to transfer information, the same protocol that web communication is based on
  • easy to understand: requests and responses are detailed and specific
  • flexible: they can handle multiple types of calls and return different data formats

Our experienced team can inform any interested vendor or healthcare facility about collaboration possibilities, as well as advise on the optimal ways to exploit RxReasoner. To explore partnership opportunities or discuss business development, please reach out to our business development team.