About RxReasoner

By offering real-time recommendations tailored to each case, RxReasoner helps clinicians make confident decisions


Medical and pharmaceutical knowledge is vast and everchanging; new substances are discovered every day, practice guidelines are written and revised. Physicians have to choose between a great number of treatments that exist for similar medical problems, while watching for contraindications, rare interactions and adverse reactions.

RxReasoner is a novel system that supports clinicians with automated, real-time recommendations at the point of care. It offers treatment validation for drug-drug and drug-disease interactions (the Cross-check) and personalized medication regimen for given patient cases (the Recommender). Besides decision support tools, information about substances, ATC Codes and ICD-10 Codes are also available online.


Based on collections of data and scientific facts, RxReasoner is able to assist physicians in making the right medication-related decisions. Its knowledge base comprises thousands of medical rules that are derived from scientific literature and official Summary of Product Characteristics (SmPC) documents.


The Recommender and the Cross-check are offered as an online service. Transmission, storage and processing of sensitive patient information is safeguarded through secure data transfer. For healthcare institutions and software vendors who want to incorporate the Reasoner’s services in their information systems, an API is available.

Who we are

At Ergobyte, we develop and commercialise software solutions that empower health professionals by assisting them with clinical and pharmaceutical information at the point of care. Our vision is to foster eHealth innovation in order to support decision making, lower costs, increase automation and, as a result, make healthcare simpler. Our team has more than 10 years of experience in the field. It’s technological choices have been validated in several pilot demonstrations in healthcare facilities in Europe.

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