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The medical and pharmaceutical field is constantly evolving with new discoveries and updates to practices and guidelines. This presents a challenge for physicians who must navigate a vast array of treatment options for similar medical conditions, while considering contraindications, rare interactions, and adverse reactions.

RxReasoner addresses these challenges by providing real-time, automated recommendations to clinicians at the point of care. Our platform includes the Cross-check, which detects drug-drug and drug-disease interactions, and the Recommender, which generates personalized medication regimens for individual patient cases. In addition to decision support tools, RxReasoner also offers access to reference information on brand names, substances, and medical coding systems.

RxReasoner empowers clinicians to make confident decisions with its real-time, personalized recommendations.

For healthcare institutions and software vendors who want to incorporate RxReasonerโ€™s services in their information systems an easy to integrate application programming interface (API) is available under a pay-per-use licensing model.

Our technology

The decision support tools of RxReasoner help physicians make informed medication choices. The results are generated by a special reasoning engine that blends together expert knowledge and technical processing. This engine uses rules written by a team of highly qualified professionals, including physicians and pharmacists, to make sure the information is correct and up-to-date. The rules are based on authoritative sources such as medicine package inserts, which are official documents from competent authorities. These technological choices have been validated in several pilot demonstrations in healthcare facilities in Europe.

With RxReasoner, you can trust that the information you receive is both accurate and safe to implement.

Who we are

We develop and commercialize software solutions that empower health professionals by assisting them with clinical and pharmaceutical information at the point of care. Our vision is to foster eHealth innovation in order to support decision making, lower costs, increase automation and, as a result, make healthcare simpler. Our team has more than 10 years of experience in the field.

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