ICPC-2 Chapter: L Musculoskeletal

Chapter sections

Neck symptom/complaint
Back symptom/complaint
Low back symptom/complaint
Chest symptom/complaint
Flank/axilla symptom/complaint
Jaw symptom/complaint
Shoulder symptom/complaint
Arm symptom/complaint
Elbow symptom/complaint
Wrist symptom/complaint
Hand/finger symptom/complaint
Hip symptom/complaint
Leg/thigh symptom/complaint
Knee symptom/complaint
Ankle symptom/complaint
Foot/toe symptom/complaint
Muscle pain
Muscle symptom/complaint NOS
Joint symptom/complaint NOS
Fear of cancer musculoskeletal
Fear of musculoskeletal dis other
Limited function/disability (L)
Musculoskeletal sympt/complt other
Infection of musculoskeletal system
Malignant neoplasm musculoskeletal
Fracture: radius/ulna
Fracture: tibia/fibula
Fracture: hand/foot bone
Fracture: femur
Fracture: other
Sprain/strain of ankle
Sprain/strain of knee
Sprain/strain of joint NOS
Injury musculoskeletal NOS
Congenital anomaly musculoskeletal
Neck syndrome
Back syndrome without radiat pain
Acquired deformity of spine
Back syndrome with radiating pain
Bursitis/tendinitis/synovitis NOS
Rheumatoid/seropositive arthritis
Osteoarthrosis of hip
Osteoarthrosis of knee
Osteoarthrosis other
Shoulder syndrome
Tennis elbow
Acute internal damage knee
Neoplasm musculoskel benign/unspec
Acquired deformity of limb
Musculoskeletal disease other