ICPC-2 Chapter: W Pregnancy, Childbearing, Family Planning

Chapter sections

Question of pregnancy
Fear of pregnancy
Antepartum bleeding
Pregnancy vomiting/nausea
Contraception postcoital
Contraception oral
Contraception intrauterine
Sterilization female
Contraception female other
Infertility/subfertility female
Post-partum bleeding
Post-partum symptom/complaint other
Breast/lactation symptom/complaint
Concern with body image in pregnancy
Fear of complications of pregnancy
Limited function/disability (W)
Pregnancy symptom/complaint other
Puerperal infection/sepsis
Other infect complic pregn/puerp
Malignant neopl related to pregnancy
Benign/unspecif neopl relat to pregn
Injury complicating pregnancy
Congen anom complicating pregnancy
Unwanted pregnancy
Ectopic pregnancy
Toxaemia of pregnancy
Abortion spontaneous
Abortion induced
Pregnancy high risk
Gestational diabetes
Uncompl labour/delivery livebirth
Uncompl labour/delivery stillbirth
Compl labour/ delivery livebirth
Compl labour/delivery stillbirth
Puerperal mastitis
Breast dis in pregn/puerperium other
Complications of puerperium other
Disorder of pregn/delivery other