ICPC-2 Chapter: X Female Genital

Chapter sections

Genital pain female
Menstrual pain
Intermenstrual pain
Painful intercourse female
Menstruation absent/scanty
Menstruation excessive
Menstruation irregular/frequent
Intermenstrual bleeding
Premenstrual symptom/complaint
Postponement of menstruation
Menopausal symptom/complaint
Postmenopausal bleeding
Postcoital bleeding
Vaginal discharge
Vaginal symptom/complaint other
Vulval symptom/complaint
Pelvis symptom/complaint female
Breast pain female
Breast lump/mass female
Nipple symptom/complaint female
Breast sympt/compl female other
Concern breast appearance fema
Fear sexually transm dis female
Fear of sexual dysfunction female
Fear of genital cancer female
Fear of breast cancer female
Fear genital/breast dis female other
Limited function/disability (X)
Genital sympt/compl female other
Syphilis female
Gonorrhoea female
Genital candidiasis female
Genital trichomoniasis female
Pelvic inflammatory disease
Malignant neoplasm cervix
Malignant neoplasm breast female
Malignant neopl genital female other
Fibromyoma uterus
Benign neoplasm breast female
Benign neoplasm female genital
Genital neopl female other/unspecif
Injury genital female
Congenital anomaly genital female
Vaginitis/vulvitis NOS
Cervical disease NOS
Abnormal cervix smear
Uterovaginal prolapse
Fibrocystic disease breast
Premenstrual tension syndrome
Genital herpes female
Condylomata acuminata female
Chlamydia infection genital female
Genital disease female other