Crohn's disease

Indication for Sulfasalazine

Population group: Suitable for both men and women, only adults (18 years old or older)

For this indication, competent medicine agencies globally authorize below treatments:

4-8 g in 4 divided doses daily

Route of admnistration


Defined daily dose

4 - 8 g

Dosage regimen

From 1 To 2 g 4 time(s) per day every day

Detailed description

Severe attacks: 1 to 2 g four times a day may be given in conjunction with steroids as part of an intensive management regime. Rapid passage of the suspension may reduce the effect of the drug.

The night time interval between doses should not exceed 8 hours.

2 g in 2 divided doses daily

Route of admnistration


Defined daily dose

2 - 2 g

Dosage regimen

From 1 To 1 g 2 time(s) per day every day

Detailed description

The dose is adjusted according to the severity of the disease and the patient’s tolerance of the drug.

Acute attack or relapse – Adults and the Elderly

Two suppositories of 0.5g are to be inserted in the morning and two at bedtime after defecation. After three weeks the dosage is gradually reduced as improvement occurs.

Adjustment to oral therapy – Adults and the Elderly

In severe generalised ulcerative colitis of the rectum or recto sigmoid, or in cases who are responding slowly to oral therapy, one or two suppositories may be given in the morning and at bedtime additional to oral therapy.

Active ingredient

Therapeutic benefit of sulfasalazine appears to be due to a local action of the sulfasalazine and its split product 5-aminosalicylic acid on the mucous membrane and deeper colonic structures.

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