Hepatic encephalopathy

Active Ingredient: Lactulose

Indication for Lactulose

Population group: only adults (18 years old or older)
Therapeutic intent: Curative procedure

Lactulose is indicated for the treatment of hepatic encephalopathy.

For this indication, competent medicine agencies globally authorize below treatments:

30-45 ml 3 to 4 times daily


Dosage regimens

Oral, between 60 grams lactulose and 100 grams lactulose, divided 3 times daily.

Detailed description

Starting dose: 3 to 4 times daily 30-45 ml (6-9 × 5 ml spoonfuls). This dose may be adjusted to the maintenance dose to achieve two or three soft stools each day.

Dosage considerations

The lactulose solution may be administered diluted or undiluted. Each dose may, if necessary, be taken with water or fruit juices etc.

Each dose of lactulose should be swallowed in one and should not be kept in the mouth for an extended period of time.

All dosages should be adjusted to the needs of the individual.

During the therapy with laxatives it is recommended to drink sufficient amounts of fluids (1.5-2 litres, equal to 6-8 glasses) during the day.

Active ingredient


Lactulose is a synthetic disaccharide which is metabolised by gastro-intestinal bacterial flora to low molecular weight acids (chiefly lactic and acetic acids). There is no endogenous metabolising enzyme in the human gut. Its mode of action in constipation is as an osmotic agent producing soft stools.

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