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Indication for Iopromide

Population group: Suitable for both men and women, only adults (18 - 65 years old)

For this indication, competent medicine agencies globally authorize below treatments:

80-300 ml

Route of admnistration


Defined daily dose

80 - 300 mL

Dosage regimen

From 80 To 300 mL once every day

Detailed description

Whenever possible, iopromide should be injected as an i.v. bolus, preferably using a power injector. Only for slow scanners about half of the total dosage should be administered as a bolus and the rest within 2–6 minutes to guarantee a relatively constant – though not maximum – blood level.

Spiral CT in single but especially in multi-slice technique allows the rapid acquisition of a volume of data during single breath-hold. To optimize the effect of the i.v. administered bolus (80–150 ml iopromide 300) in the region of interest (peak, time and duration of enhancement), the use of an automatic power injector and bolus tracking is strongly recommended.

Active ingredient

The contrast-giving substance in the iopromide formulations is iopromide, a non-ionic water-soluble derivative of triiodinated isophthalic acid in which the firmly bound iodine absorbs the X-rays. Injection of iopromide opacifies those vessels or body cavities in the path of flow of the contrast agent, permitting radio-graphic visualization of the internal structures until significant dilution occurs.

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