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ALU-CAP Capsules (2018)

Active ingredients: Aluminium hydroxide

Pharmacodynamic properties

In the gut, aluminium hydroxide absorbs phosphate ions. This reduces absorption of phosphate into the body, and thereby reduces serum phosphate levels.

Aluminium hydroxide gel is a slow-acting antacid. It is used to provide symptomatic relief in gastric hyperacidity. In addition, the antipeptic and demulcent activity of aluminium hydroxide helps to protect inflamed gastric mucosa against further irritation by gastric secretions.

Pharmacokinetic properties

Aluminium hydroxide is slowly but perhaps incompletely converted to aluminium chloride in the stomach. Some absorption of soluble aluminium salts occurs from the gastro-intestinal tract with some excretion in the urine. Some unabsorbed aluminium hydroxide combines with phosphates and some form carbonates and salts of fatty acids, all these salts are excreted in the faeces.

Preclinical safety data

Not applicable.