ATC Group: A06AC Bulk producers

The World Health Organization's ATC classification organizes medical drugs based on therapeutic properties, chemical composition, and anatomy. It helps make essential medicines readily available globally and is widely used in the pharmaceutical industry.

Position of A06AC in the ATC hierarchy

Level Code Title
1 A Alimentary tract and metabolism
2 A06 Laxatives
3 A06A Laxatives
4 A06AC Bulk producers

Group A06AC contents

Code Title
A06AC01 Ispaghula (psylla seeds)
A06AC02 Ethulose
A06AC03 Sterculia
A06AC05 Linseed
A06AC06 Methylcellulose
A06AC07 Triticum (wheat fibre)
A06AC08 Polycarbophil calcium
A06AC51 Ispaghula, combinations
A06AC53 Sterculia, combinations
A06AC55 Linseed, combinations

Active ingredients in A06AC

Active Ingredient Description

Ispaghula is particularly rich in alimentary fibres and mucilages. Ispaghula is capable of absorbing up to 40 times its own weight in water. Gut motility and transit rate can be modified by ispaghula through mechanical stimulation of the gut wall as a result of the increase in intestinal bulk by water and the decrease in viscosity of the luminal contents.


Methylcellulose is a chemical compound derived from cellulose. Methylcellulose is used to treat constipation. It is classified as a bulk forming laxative. Methylcellulose is a hydrophilic colloid which absorbs water causing it to swell to a soft gel of uniform consistency. It works by increasing the amount of stool present which improves intestinal contractions.

Polycarbophil calcium

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