ATC Group: A07EB Antiallergic agents, excl. corticosteroids

The World Health Organization's ATC classification organizes medical drugs based on therapeutic properties, chemical composition, and anatomy. It helps make essential medicines readily available globally and is widely used in the pharmaceutical industry.

Position of A07EB in the ATC hierarchy

Level Code Title
1 A Alimentary tract and metabolism
2 A07 Antidiarrheals, intestinal antiinflammatory/antiinfective agents
3 A07E Intestinal antiinflammatory agents
4 A07EB Antiallergic agents, excl. corticosteroids

Group A07EB contents

Code Title
A07EB01 Cromoglicic acid

Active ingredients in A07EB

Active Ingredient Description
Cromoglicic acid

Sodium cromoglicate (Cromoglicic acid) inhibits the activation of many of the cell types involved in the development and progression of asthma. Thus, sodium cromoglicate inhibits the release of inflammatory mediators including cytokines from mast cells and reduces the chemotactic activity of eosinophils and neutrophils.

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