This brand name is authorized in Singapore

Active ingredients

The drug ACOLIC contains a combination of these active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs):

1 Simethicone

Simethicone is a chemically inert, non-systemic gastric defoaming agent that works by altering the elasticity of interfaces of mucus-embedded bubbles in the gastrointestinal tract. The gas bubbles are thus broken down or coalesced and in this form gas is more easily eliminated through eructation or passing flatus.

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2 Dicycloverine

Dicyclomine relieves smooth muscle spasm of the gastrointestinal tract and is used for the treatment of patients with functional bowel/irritable bowel syndrome. It can inhibit the secretion of saliva and sweat, decrease gastrointestinal secretions and motility, cause drowsiness, dilate the pupils, increase heart rate, and depress motor function.

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Medicine classification

This drug has been classified in the anatomical therapeutic chemical (ATC) classification system as follows:

ATC code Group title Classification
A03ED Antispasmodics in combination with other drugs A Alimentary tract and metabolism → A03 Drugs for functional gastrointestinal disorders → A03E Antispasmodics and anticholinergics in combination with other drugs
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Authorization and marketing

This drug has been assigned below unique identifiers within the countries it is being marketed:

Country Identification scheme Identifier(s)
Country: SG Health Sciences Authority Identifier(s): 10344P

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