International Classification of Primary Care, 2nd Edition (ICPC-2)

ICPC-2 classifies patient data and clinical activity in the domains of General/Family Practice and primary care, taking into account the frequency distribution of problems seen in these domains.

Symptoms and Complaints

Code Title
A01 Pain general/multiple sites
A02 Chills
A03 Fever
A04 Weakness/tiredness general
A05 Feeling ill
A06 Fainting/syncope
A07 Coma
A08 Swelling
A09 Sweating problem
A10 Bleeding/haemorrhage NOS
A11 Chest pain NOS
A13 Concern/fear medical treatment
A16 Irritable infant
A18 Concern about appearance
A20 Euthanasia request/discussion
A21 Risk factor for malignancy
A23 Risk factor NOS
A25 Fear of death/dying
A26 Fear of cancer, NOS
A27 Fear of other disease NOS
A28 Limited function/disability NOS
A29 General symptom/complaint, other
B02 Lymph gland(s) enlarged/painful
B04 Blood symptom/complaint
B25 Fear of AIDS/HIV
B26 Fear cancer blood/lymph
B27 Fear blood/lymph disease other
B28 Limited function/disability (B)
B29 Lymph/immune mech sympt/complt other
D01 Abdominal pain/cramps general
D02 Abdominal pain epigastric
D03 Heartburn
D04 Rectal/anal pain
D05 Perianal itching
D06 Abdominal pain localized other
D07 Dyspepsia/indigestion
D08 Flatulence/gas/belching
D09 Nausea
D10 Vomiting
D11 Diarrhoea
D12 Constipation
D13 Jaundice
D14 Haematemesis/vomiting blood
D15 Melaena
D16 Rectal bleeding
D17 Incontinence of bowel
D18 Change in faeces/bowel movements
D19 Teeth/gum symptom/complaint
D20 Mouth/tongue/lip symptom/complaint
D21 Swallowing problem
D23 Hepatomegaly
D24 Abdominal mass NOS
D25 Abdominal distension
D26 Fear of cancer of digestive system
D27 Fear of digestive disease other
D28 Limited function/disability (D)
D29 Digestive symptom/complaint other
F01 Eye pain
F02 Red eye
F03 Eye discharge
F04 Visual floaters/spots
F05 Visual disturbance other
F13 Eye sensation abnormal
F14 Eye movements abnormal
F15 Eye appearance abnormal
F16 Eyelid symptom/complaint
F17 Glasses symptom/complaint
F18 Contact lens symptom/complaint
F27 Fear of eye disease
F28 Limited function/disability (F)
F29 Eye symptom/complaint other
H01 Ear pain/earache
H02 Hearing complaint
H03 Tinnitus, ringing/buzzing ear
H04 Ear discharge
H05 Bleeding ear
H13 Plugged feeling ear
H15 Concern with appearance of ears
H27 Fear of ear disease
H28 Limited function/disability (H)
H29 Ear symptom/complaint other
K01 Heart pain
K02 Pressure/tightness of heart
K03 Cardiovascular pain NOS
K04 Palpitations/awareness of heart
K05 Irregular heartbeat other
K06 Prominent veins
K07 Swollen ankles/oedema
K22 Risk factor cardiovascular disease
K24 Fear of heart disease
K25 Fear of hypertension
K27 Fear cardiovascular disease other
K28 Limited function/disability (K)
K29 Cardiovascular sympt/complt other
L01 Neck symptom/complaint
L02 Back symptom/complaint
L03 Low back symptom/complaint
L04 Chest symptom/complaint
L05 Flank/axilla symptom/complaint
L07 Jaw symptom/complaint
L08 Shoulder symptom/complaint
L09 Arm symptom/complaint
L10 Elbow symptom/complaint
L11 Wrist symptom/complaint
L12 Hand/finger symptom/complaint
L13 Hip symptom/complaint
L14 Leg/thigh symptom/complaint
L15 Knee symptom/complaint
L16 Ankle symptom/complaint
L17 Foot/toe symptom/complaint
L18 Muscle pain
L19 Muscle symptom/complaint NOS
L20 Joint symptom/complaint NOS
L26 Fear of cancer musculoskeletal
L27 Fear of musculoskeletal dis other
L28 Limited function/disability (L)
L29 Musculoskeletal sympt/complt other
N01 Headache
N03 Pain face
N04 Restless legs
N05 Tingling fingers/feet/toes
N06 Sensation disturbance other
N07 Convulsion/seizure
N08 Abnormal involuntary movements
N16 Disturbance of smell/taste
N17 Vertigo/dizziness
N18 Paralysis/weakness
N19 Speech disorder
N26 Fear cancer neurological system
N27 Fear of neurological disease other
N28 Limited function/disability (N)
N29 Neurological sympt/complt other
P01 Feeling anxious/nervous/tense
P02 Acute stress reaction
P03 Feeling depressed
P04 Feeling/behaving irritable/angry
P05 Senility, feeling/behaving old
P06 Sleep disturbance
P07 Sexual desire reduced
P08 Sexual fulfilment reduced
P09 Sexual preference concern
P10 Stammering/stuttering/tic
P11 Eating problem in child
P12 Bedwetting/enuresis
P13 Encopresis/bowel training problem
P15 Chronic alcohol abuse
P16 Acute alcohol abuse
P17 Tobacco abuse
P18 Medication abuse
P19 Drug abuse
P20 Memory disturbance
P22 Child behaviour symptom/complaint
P23 Adolescent behaviour sympt/compl
P24 Specific learning problem
P25 Phase of life problem adult
P27 Fear of mental disorder
P28 Limited function/disability (P)
P29 Psychological sympt/compl other
R01 Pain respiratory system
R02 Shortness of breath/dyspnoea
R03 Wheezing
R04 Breathing problem other
R05 Cough
R06 Nose bleed/epistaxis
R07 Sneezing/nasal congestion
R08 Nose symptom/complaint other
R09 Sinus symptom/complaint
R21 Throat symptom/complaint
R23 Voice symptom/complaint
R24 Haemoptysis
R25 Sputum/phlegm abnormal
R26 Fear cancer respiratory system
R27 Fear of respiratory disease other
R28 Limited function/disability (R)
R29 Respiratory symptom/complaint other
S01 Pain/tenderness of skin
S02 Pruritus
S04 Lump/swelling localized
S05 Lumps/swellings generalized
S06 Rash localized
S07 Rash generalized
S08 Skin colour change
S20 Corn/callosity
S21 Skin texture symptom/complaint
S22 Nail symptom/complaint
S23 Hair loss/baldness
S24 Hair/scalp symptom/complaint other
S26 Fear of cancer of skin
S27 Fear of skin disease other
S28 Limited function/disability (S)
S29 Skin symptom/complaint other
T01 Excessive thirst
T02 Excessive appetite
T03 Loss of appetite
T04 Feeding problem of infant/child
T05 Feeding problem of adult
T07 Weight gain
T08 Weight loss
T10 Growth delay
T11 Dehydration
T26 Fear of cancer of endocrine system
T27 Fear endocrine/metabol disease other
T28 Limited function/disability (T)
T29 Endocr/metab/nutr sympt/compl other
U01 Dysuria/painful urination
U02 Urinary frequency/urgency
U04 Incontinence urine
U05 Urination problems other
U06 Haematuria
U07 Urine symptom/complaint other
U08 Urinary retention
U13 Bladder symptom/complaint other
U14 Kidney symptom/complaint
U26 Fear of cancer of urinary system
U27 Fear of urinary disease other
U28 Limited function/disability (U)
U29 Urinary symptom/complaint other
W01 Question of pregnancy
W02 Fear of pregnancy
W03 Antepartum bleeding
W05 Pregnancy vomiting/nausea
W10 Contraception postcoital
W11 Contraception oral
W12 Contraception intrauterine
W13 Sterilization female
W14 Contraception female other
W15 Infertility/subfertility female
W17 Post-partum bleeding
W18 Post-partum symptom/complaint other
W19 Breast/lactation symptom/complaint
W21 Concern with body image in pregnancy
W27 Fear of complications of pregnancy
W28 Limited function/disability (W)
W29 Pregnancy symptom/complaint other
X01 Genital pain female
X02 Menstrual pain
X03 Intermenstrual pain
X04 Painful intercourse female
X05 Menstruation absent/scanty
X06 Menstruation excessive
X07 Menstruation irregular/frequent
X08 Intermenstrual bleeding
X09 Premenstrual symptom/complaint
X10 Postponement of menstruation
X11 Menopausal symptom/complaint
X12 Postmenopausal bleeding
X13 Postcoital bleeding
X14 Vaginal discharge
X15 Vaginal symptom/complaint other
X16 Vulval symptom/complaint
X17 Pelvis symptom/complaint female
X18 Breast pain female
X19 Breast lump/mass female
X20 Nipple symptom/complaint female
X21 Breast sympt/compl female other
X22 Concern breast appearance fema
X23 Fear sexually transm dis female
X24 Fear of sexual dysfunction female
X25 Fear of genital cancer female
X26 Fear of breast cancer female
X27 Fear genital/breast dis female other
X28 Limited function/disability (X)
X29 Genital sympt/compl female other
Y01 Pain in penis
Y02 Pain in testis/scrotum
Y03 Urethral discharge male
Y04 Penis symptom/complaint other
Y05 Scrotum/testis sympt/compl other
Y06 Prostate symptom/complaint
Y07 Impotence NOS
Y08 Sexual function sympt/compl male
Y10 Infertility/subfertility male
Y13 Sterilization male
Y14 Family planning male other
Y16 Breast symptom/complaint male
Y24 Fear of sexual dysfunction male
Y25 Fear sexually transm disease male
Y26 Fear of genital cancer male
Y27 Fear of genital disease male other
Y28 Limited function/disability (Y)
Y29 Genital symptom/complaint male other
Z01 Poverty/financial problem
Z02 Food/water problem
Z03 Housing/neighbourhood problem
Z04 Social cultural problem
Z05 Work problem
Z06 Unemployment problem
Z07 Education problem
Z08 Social welfare problem
Z09 Legal problem
Z10 Health care system problem
Z11 Compliance/being ill problem
Z12 Relationship problem with partner
Z13 Partner's behaviour problem
Z14 Partner illness problem
Z15 Loss/death of partner problem
Z16 Relationship problem with child
Z18 Illness problem with child
Z19 Loss/death of child problem
Z20 Relationship problem parent/family
Z21 Behaviour problem parent/family
Z22 Illness problem parent/family
Z23 Loss/death parent/fam memb problem
Z24 Relationship problem friend
Z25 Assault/harmful event problem
Z27 Fear of a social problem
Z28 Limited function/disability (Z)
Z29 Social problem NOS


Code Title
S Symptoms and Complaints
I Infections
N Neoplasms
T Injuries
C Congenital Anomalies
O Other Diagnoses