Active management of the third stage of labour

Indication for Ergometrine

Population group: Suitable for women, only adults (18 - 65 years old)

Ergometrine is used in the active management of the third stage of labour.

For this indication, competent medicine agencies globally authorize below treatments:

500 micrograms once

Route of admnistration


Defined daily dose

500 - 500 ug

Dosage regimen

From 500 To 500 ug once every day

Detailed description

Ergometrine is administered (often in combination with synthetic oxytocin 5 units) intramuscularly as a dose of 500 micrograms following the delivery of the anterior shoulder of the infant or at the latest immediately after delivery of the baby.

Active ingredient

Ergometrine produces sustained tonic uterine contraction via agonist or partial agonist effects at myometrial 5-HT2 receptors and alpha-adrenergic receptors. Both upper and lower uterine segments are stimulated to contract in a tetanic manner.

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