Diabetes mellitus type 2

Indication for Rosiglitazone

Population group: Suitable for both men and women, only adults (18 years old or older)

Rosiglitazone is a thiazolidinedione antidiabetic agent indicated as an adjunct to diet and exercise to improve glycemic control in adults with type 2 diabetes mellitus.

For this indication, competent medicine agencies globally authorize below treatments:

4-8 mg in 1-2 divided doses daily

Route of admnistration


Defined daily dose

4 - 8 mg

Dosage regimen

From 2 To 4 mg 2 time(s) per day every day

Detailed description

Rosiglitazone may be administered at a starting dose of 4 mg either as a single daily dose or in 2 divided doses. For patients who respond inadequately following 8 to 12 weeks of treatment, as determined by reduction in fasting plasma glucose (FPG), the dose may be increased to 8 mg daily. Increases in the dose of rosiglitazone should be accompanied by careful monitoring for adverse events related to fluid retention.

The total daily dose of rosiglitazone should not exceed 8 mg.

Patients receiving rosiglitazone in combination with other hypoglycemic agents may be at risk for hypoglycemia, and a reduction in the dose of the concomitant agent may be necessary.

Dosage considerations

Rosiglitazone may be taken with or without food.

Active ingredient

Rosiglitazone is a selective agonist at the PPARĪ³ (peroxisomal proliferator activated receptor gamma) nuclear receptor and is a member of the thiazolidinedione class of anti-diabetic agents. It reduces glycaemia by reducing insulin resistance at adipose tissue, skeletal muscle and liver.

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