Active ingredient description

Afamelanotide is a synthetic tridecapeptide and a structural analogue of α-melanocyte stimulating hormone (α-MSH). Afamelanotide is a melanocortin receptor agonist and binds predominantly to the melanocortin-1 receptor (MC1R). Afamelanotide is thought to mimic the endogenous compound’s pharmacological activity by activating the synthesis of eumelanin mediated by the MC1R receptor. Eumelanin contributes to photoprotection through different mechanisms.

Medicine classification

This medicinal substance has been classified in the anatomical therapeutic chemical (ATC) classification according to its main therapeutic use as follows:

ATC code
Group title
D Dermatologicals → D02 Emollients and protectives → D02B Protectives against UV-radiation → D02BB Protectives against UV-radiation for systemic use
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Product monographs

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Structural formula

Graphic representation of the active ingredient's molecular structure

Chemical formula: C₇₈H₁₁₁N₂₁O₁₉
Molecular mass: 1,646.845 g/mol

External identifiers

CAS Substance: 75921-69-6
DrugBank Drug: DB04931
KEGG Drug: D10511
PubChem Compound: 16197727
RxNorm Ingredient: 2262250
SNOMED-CT Concept: 819968004
Afamelanotide (substance)
UNII Identifier: QW68W3J66U