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Brand names: AMINOMIX (in combination) AMINOPLASMAL (in combination) AMINOSTERIL N HEPA (in combination) AMINOSYN II (in combination) AMINOSYN PF (in combination) AMINOVEN (in combination) CLINIMIX (in combination) CLINIMIX E (in combination) CLINISOL (in combination) DIPEPTIVEN (in combination) FREAMINE HBC (in combination) FREAMINE III (in combination) GLAMIN (in combination) HEPATAMINE (in combination) KABIVEN (in combination) NEPHROSTERIL (in combination) NEPHROTECT (in combination) NUMETA (in combination) NUTRIFLEX LIPID (in combination) NUTRINEAL PD4 (in combination) OLEUNOR (in combination) OLICLINOMEL (in combination) OLIMEL (in combination) PERIKABIVEN (in combination) PLENAMINE (in combination) PREMASOL (in combination) PRIMENE (in combination) PROCALAMINE (in combination) PROSOL (in combination) SMOFKABIVEN (in combination) STRUCTOKABIVEN (in combination) TRAVASOL (in combination) TROPHAMINE (in combination) VAMIN (in combination) VAMINOLACT (in combination)


The alanine is an a-amino acid and the L-stereoisomer is one of the 24 protein amino acids encoded by the human genetic code. The a-carbon of alanine is a methyl group (-CH3). Based on this characteristic, alanine is classified as “non-polar” or “hydrophobic” amino acid. Also the methyl alanine is relatively chemically inert, which means that the alanine almost never involved in the functionality of the proteins, but is usually a structural part of the proteins, without being part of the “active site” of them.

ATC Classification

Amino acids, incl. combinations with polypeptides
V Various → V06 General nutrients → V06D Other nutrients