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Therapeutic Indications

Brodalumab is indicated for:

Moderate to severe plaque psoriasis

Irrespective of gender only Adults (18 years old or older)

Brodalumab is indicated for the treatment of moderate to severe plaque psoriasis in adult patients who are candidates for systemic therapy.

For this indication, the medical literature mentions below treatments (click for details):

Treatment 1: Subcutaneous - 210 mg once every week


Active ingredient Brodalumab is contraindicated in the following cases:

Crohn's disease

No gender/age discrimination

There is limited data in patients with a history of Crohn’s disease. Exercise caution when prescribing brodalumab to patients with a history of Crohn’s disease. Patients with a history of Crohn’s disease should be followed for signs and symptoms of active Crohn’s disease. If patients develop active Crohn’s disease, treatment should be discontinued permanently.


No gender/age discrimination

Clinically important active infections.

Brodalumab may increase the risk of infections. During the 12-week placebo-controlled clinical trial period in patients with psoriasis, serious infections were observed in 0.5% of patients receiving brodalumab.

Caution should be exercised when considering the use of brodalumab in patients with a chronic infection or a history of recurrent infection. Patients should be instructed to seek medical advice if signs or symptoms suggestive of an infection occur. If a patient develops a serious infection, the patient should be closely monitored and brodalumab should not be administered until the infection resolves.

No cases of active tuberculosis were reported from clinical trials. However, brodalumab should not be given to patients with active tuberculosis. Anti-tuberculosis therapy should be considered prior to initiation of brodalumab in patients with latent tuberculosis.