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Brand names: CRYSVITA

Therapeutic Indications

Burosumab is indicated for:

X-linked hypophosphataemia

Irrespective of gender only Children (1 year - 12 years old) , Adolescents (12 years - 18 years old)

Burosumab is indicated for the treatment of X-linked hypophosphataemia with radiographic evidence of bone disease in children 1 year of age and older and adolescents with growing skeletons.

For this indication, the medical literature mentions below treatments (click for details):

Treatment 1: Subcutaneous - 0.4-2 mg/kg once every 2 weeks


Active ingredient Burosumab is contraindicated in the following cases:

Severe renal impairment, end stage renal disease

No gender/age discrimination

Patients with severe renal impairment or end stage renal disease.

Phosphate, vitamin D analogues

No gender/age discrimination

Concurrent administration of burosumab with oral phosphate and vitamin D analogues is contraindicated as it may cause an increased risk of hyperphosphatemia and hypercalcaemia.


No gender/age discrimination

Patient’s fasting serum phosphate level should be monitored due to the risk of hyperphosphatemia. To decrease the risk for ectopic mineralisation, it is recommended that fasting serum phosphate is targeted in the lower end of the normal reference range for age. Dose interruption and/or dose reduction may be required. Periodic measurement of post prandial serum phosphate is advised.