ATC Group: A05BA03 Silymarin

The World Health Organization's ATC classification organizes medical drugs based on therapeutic properties, chemical composition, and anatomy. It helps make essential medicines readily available globally and is widely used in the pharmaceutical industry.

Position of A05BA03 in the ATC hierarchy

Level Code Title
1 A Alimentary tract and metabolism
2 A05 Bile and liver therapy
3 A05B Liver therapy, lipotropics
4 A05BA Liver therapy
5 A05BA03 Silymarin

Active ingredients in A05BA03

Active Ingredient Description

Silymarin is a plant-derived flavonoid from the plant Silybum marianum. The main component of the silymarin complex is silybin, which is a mixture of two diastereomers A and B in approximately 1:1 proportion. The drug possess hepatoprotective and antioxidant activity. The hepatoprotective effect is due to stimulation of synthesis of structural and functional proteins and phospholipids, as well as acceleration of the regeneration of hepatocytes. Antioxidant effect is determined by interaction of bioflavones with free radicals in the liver and its detoxication. In such manner the process of peroxidation of the lipids is interrupted and further liver destruction is prevented.

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