Active ingredients

The drug ACERYCAL contains a combination of these active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs):


Perindopril is an inhibitor of the enzyme that converts angiotensin I into angiotensin II (Angiotensin Converting Enzyme ACE). The converting enzyme, or kinase, is an exopeptidase that allows conversion of angiotensin I into the vasoconstrictor angiotensin II as well as causing the degradation of the vasodilator bradykinin into an inactive heptapeptide. Inhibition of ACE results in a reduction of angiotensin II in the plasma, which leads to increased plasma renin activity (by inhibition of the negative feedback of renin release) and reduced secretion of aldosterone. Since ACE inactivates bradykinin, inhibition of ACE also results in an increased activity of circulating and local kallikrein-kinin systems (and thus also activation of the prostaglandin system).

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Amlodipine is a calcium ion influx inhibitor of the dihydropyridine group (slow channel blocker or calcium ion antagonist) and inhibits the transmembrane influx of calcium ions into cardiac and vascular smooth muscle.

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Medicine classification

This drug has been classified in the anatomical therapeutic chemical (ATC) classification system as follows:

ATC code
Group title
Perindopril and amlodipine
C Cardiovascular system → C09 Agents acting on the renin-angiotensin system → C09B ACE inhibitors, combinations → C09BB ACE inhibitors and calcium channel blockers
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Authorization and marketing

This brand name is authorized in the following countries: Hong Kong Ireland

This drug has been assigned below unique identifiers within the countries it is being marketed:

Identification scheme
Department of Health Drug Office
Identifier(s): 60213, 60214, 60215, 60216
Health Products Regulatory Authority
Identifier(s): 11803, 11828, 11849, 11887, 13536, 13537, 13538, 13539, 13572, 13573, 13574, 13575