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Caffeine Citrate 10mg/ml Inj. Sol. (2013)

Active ingredients: Caffeine

Product Name and Form

Caffeine Citrate 10mg/ml Solution for Injection.

Pharmaceutical form

Solution for Injection

Appearance: clear and colourless.

Qualitative and Quantitative Composition

Caffeine Citrate 10mg/ml.

Each 1ml of solution contains, 10mg Caffeine citrate, equivalent to 5mg of Caffeine.

Each 2ml of solution contains, 20mg Caffeine citrate, equivalent to 10mg of Caffeine.

For a full list of excipients, see section 6.1.

Chemical substance

Caffeine is structurally related to the methylxanthines theophylline and theobromine. Caffeine’s main action is as a CNS stimulant.

List of excipients

Water for injections
Sodium hydroxide
Dilute hydrochloric acid
Sodium chloride
Citric acid

Pack sizes and Marketing

Type I clear glass ampoule containing 1ml or 2ml in packs of 10 ampoules.

Marketing authorization holder
Authorization dates

Viridian Pharma Ltd.
Yew Tree House
Hendrew Lane
NP18 2AB


Marketing authorization number:

PL 20346/0002