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Brand names: ADOLOMED (in combination) ALGOFEN (in combination) ANACIN (in combination) ASCOMP WITH CODEINE (in combination) CAFCIT CAFERGOT (in combination) CAFFOX (in combination) CON-Z-LIN (in combination) CONSU (in combination) DOLOMO (in combination) DVORAH (in combination) ESGIC (in combination) EXCEDRINIL (in combination) FIORICET (in combination) FIORICET WITH CODEINE (in combination) FIORINAL (in combination) FIORINAL WITH CODEINE (in combination) FIORINAL-C (in combination) FLUCOL (in combination) FONGTIT (in combination) GENCEBOK IROCOPHAN (in combination) LONARID-N (in combination) MIGERGOT (in combination) MIGRIL (in combination) NEURALGIN (in combination) NORGESIC FORTE (in combination) ORPHENGESIC FORTE (in combination) PACOFEN (in combination) PANADOL EXTRA (in combination) PEYONA RICOFLU (in combination) SEMOR PAIN AND FEVER (in combination) SOLPADEINE (in combination) SOLPADEINE HEADACHE (in combination) STONA COLD (in combination) SUNFLU (in combination) THOMADUO (in combination) THOMAPYRIN (in combination) TREZIX (in combination) TRIANAL (in combination) UNIFLU COLDS & FLU (in combination) UNIFLU WITH GREGOVITE C (in combination) VANATOL (in combination) VIVIMED (in combination) VTOL LQ (in combination) WILSON (in combination) ZEBUTAL (in combination)


Caffeine is structurally related to the methylxanthines theophylline and theobromine. Caffeine’s main action is as a CNS stimulant.

ATC Classification

D Dermatologicals → D11 Other dermatological preparations → D11A Other dermatological preparations → D11AX Other dermatologicals
N Nervous system → N06 Psychoanaleptics → N06B Psychostimulants, agents used for ADHD and nootropics → N06BC Xanthine derivatives

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