ADCAL Chewable Tablet Ref.[6358]
Active ingredients: Calcium carbonate

Source: Medicines & Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (GB) |  Revision Year: 2016 |  Publisher: Kyowa Kirin Ltd., Galabank Business Park, Galashiels, Scotland, TD1 1QH

Pharmacodynamic properties

Calcium carbonate is a well established medicinal material and is used extensively for supplementation in deficiency states. Calcium carbonate is also widely used as an antacid.

Pharmacokinetic properties

The pharmacokinetic profiles of calcium and its salts are well known. Calcium carbonate is converted to calcium chloride by gastric acid. Calcium is absorbed to the extent of about 15-25% from the gastro-intestinal tract while the remainder reverts to insoluble calcium carbonate and calcium stearate, and is excreted in the faeces.

Preclinical safety data

Calcium carbonate is a well known and widely used material and has been used in clinical practice for many years. As such toxicity is only likely to occur in chronic overdosage where hypercalcaemia could result.

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