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Calcium carbonate

Also known as: E170

Brand names: ACT ETIDROCAL (in combination) CALCICHEW-D3 (in combination) CALCIDURAN VIT. D3 (in combination) CALCILAC (in combination) CALCIMAGON-D3 (in combination) CALCIMED D3 (in combination) DIOVOL PLUS ALUMINUM FREE (in combination) GATTART (in combination) GAVISCON (in combination) KOMBI-KALZ (in combination) MAXI-KALZ MAXI-KALZ VIT. D3 (in combination) RENNIE (in combination)


Calcium carbonate releases, in a pH-dependent manner, calcium ions in the stomach. Calcium carbonate is widely used as antacid and extensively used as a dietary supplement.

ATC Classification

Calcium carbonate
A Alimentary tract and metabolism → A02 Drugs for acid related disorders → A02A Antacids → A02AC Calcium compounds
Calcium carbonate
A Alimentary tract and metabolism → A12 Mineral supplements → A12A Calcium → A12AA Calcium

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