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Vitamin D3

Also known as: Vitamin D3 Cholecalciferol

Brand names: ACTONEL PLUS CALCIUM D (in combination) ADROVANCE (in combination) CALCICHEW-D3 (in combination) CALCIDURAN VIT. D3 (in combination) CALCILAC (in combination) CALCIMAGON-D3 (in combination) CALCIMED D3 (in combination) CERNEVIT (in combination) DEKRISTOLMIN DELTIUS DOSTEOFER FOSAMAX PLUS (in combination) FOSAVANCE (in combination) INFUVITE ADULT (in combination) KOMBI-KALZ (in combination) LECALCIF MAXI-KALZ VIT. D3 (in combination) OLEOVIT VANTAVO (in combination)


In its biologically active form vitamin D3 stimulates intestinal calcium absorption, incorporation of calcium into the osteoid, and release of calcium from bone tissue. In the small intestine it promotes rapid and delayed calcium uptake. The passive and active transport of phosphate is also stimulated.

ATC Classification

A Alimentary tract and metabolism → A11 Vitamins → A11C Vitamin A and D, incl. combinations of the two → A11CC Vitamin D and analogues

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