ATC Group: A10BB01 Glibenclamide

The World Health Organization's ATC classification organizes medical drugs based on therapeutic properties, chemical composition, and anatomy. It helps make essential medicines readily available globally and is widely used in the pharmaceutical industry.

Position of A10BB01 in the ATC hierarchy

Level Code Title
1 A Alimentary tract and metabolism
2 A10 Drugs used in diabetes
3 A10B Blood glucose lowering drugs, excl. insulins
4 A10BB Sulfonamides, urea derivatives
5 A10BB01 Glibenclamide

Active ingredients in A10BB01

Active Ingredient Description

Glibenclamide, a second-generation, short half-life sulphonylurea, is a hypoglycaemic agent that reduces blood-glucose by stimulating insulin release by the pancreas. Sulphonylureas act on pancreatic beta-cells by inhibiting ATP-sensitive potassium channels.

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