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Acetylsalicylic acid

Brand names: AGGRENOX (in combination) ALKA-SELTZER (in combination) ANACIN (in combination) ASA ASAPHEN ASATAB ASCOMP WITH CODEINE (in combination) ASCORBISAL (in combination) ASPIREM ASPRO ASPRO GRIPPAL (in combination) BOKEY CARDIPRIN COPLAVIX (in combination) CURILEN (in combination) DOLOMO (in combination) DUOCOVER (in combination) DUOPLAVIN (in combination) ENTROPHEN EXCEDRINIL (in combination) FIORINAL (in combination) FIORINAL WITH CODEINE (in combination) FIORINAL-C (in combination) GLYPRIN (in combination) HERZ ASS HERZSCHUTZ ASS INFLUASS (in combination) METHOXISAL EXTRA STRENGTH (in combination) NEURALGIN (in combination) NORGESIC FORTE (in combination) NOVASEN NU-SEALS ORPHENGESIC FORTE (in combination) RHINOGRIPPAL (in combination) RIVASA ROBAXISAL (in combination) ROBAXISAL C (in combination) ROSUASS (in combination) SALOSPIR THOMAPYRIN (in combination) THROMBO ASS THROMBOSTAD TRIANAL (in combination) TRINOMIA (in combination) YOSPRALA (in combination)


Acetylsalicylic acid combines significant advantages such as strong anti-pyretic, analgesic and anti-inflammatory action, that is the measure of comparison with all the newer NSAIDs.

ATC Classification

Acetylsalicylic acid
A Alimentary tract and metabolism → A01 Stomatological preparations → A01A Stomatological preparations → A01AD Other agents for local oral treatment
Acetylsalicylic acid
B Blood and blood forming organs → B01 Antithrombotic agents → B01A Antithrombotic agents → B01AC Platelet aggregation inhibitors excl. heparin
Acetylsalicylic acid
N Nervous system → N02 Analgesics → N02B Other analgesics and antipyretics → N02BA Salicylic acid and derivatives

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