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Ammonium chloride

Brand names: BEANAMINE (in combination) BENADRYL COUGH (in combination) BRECOLIN (in combination) CALMYLIN (in combination) COUGHLAX (in combination) DAMYLIN WITH CODEINE (in combination) DECOFAM (in combination) DEXCOPHAN COUGH (in combination) DULSANA (in combination) DULSANA WITH CODEINE (in combination) HISTALIX (in combination) HOVA (in combination) PHENEXPECT (in combination) PHENEXPECT CD (in combination) POLINS COUGH MIXTURE (in combination) SEMERIN (in combination) SUNTUSS (in combination) UNIDRYL CD (in combination) XSP-BENA (in combination)

ATC Classification

Ammonium chloride
B Blood and blood forming organs → B05 Blood substitutes and perfusion solutions → B05X I.V. solution additives → B05XA Electrolyte solutions
Ammonium chloride
G Genito urinary system and sex hormones → G04 Urologicals → G04B Other urologicals, incl. antispasmodics → G04BA Acidifiers