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Acridinyl Anisidide

Also known as: Amsacrine


Active ingredient Acridinyl Anisidide interacts in the following cases:

Anthracyclines and related substances


Data on the usage of this compound during pregnancy in patients are not available to judge possible harmfulness. However based on its pharmacologic activity harmfulness of treatment during pregnancy is possible.

In animal studies teratogenicity and other reproductivity toxicity has been observed. Based on animal studies and the mechanism of action of the substance, use during pregnancy is discouraged, especially during the first trimester.

In every individual case the advantages of treatment should be weighed against the risks to the foetus.

Nursing Mothers

As it is not clear whether amsacrine is excreted in the mothermilk. Lactation is contraindicated.

Effects on Ability to Drive and Use Machines

No data about this influence are known. In view of reported adverse effects profile patient are advised after administration of amsacrine to be cautious when driving or using machines.