Oxyquinoline C₉H₇NO
Also known as: 8-Hydroxyquinoline Oxine

Medicine classification

This medicinal substance has been classified in the anatomical therapeutic chemical (ATC) classification according to its main therapeutic use as follows:

ATC code
Group title
A Alimentary tract and metabolism → A01 Stomatological preparations → A01A Stomatological preparations → A01AB Antiinfectives and antiseptics for local oral treatment
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D Dermatologicals → D08 Antiseptics and disinfectants → D08A Antiseptics and disinfectants → D08AH Quinoline derivatives
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G Genito urinary system and sex hormones → G01 Gynecological antiinfectives and antiseptics → G01A ANTIINFECTIVES AND ANTISEPTICS, EXCL. COMBINATIONS WITH CORTICOSTEROIDS → G01AC Quinoline derivatives
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R Respiratory system → R02 Throat preparations → R02A Throat preparations → R02AA Antiseptics
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Structural formula

Graphic representation of the active ingredient's molecular structure

Chemical formula: C₉H₇NO
Molecular mass: 145.158 g/mol

External identifiers

CAS Substance: 148-24-3
DrugBank Drug: DB11145
PubChem Compound: 1923
RxNorm Ingredient: 110
SNOMED-CT Concept: 387184007
Oxyquinoline (substance)
SNOMED-CT Concept: 77245001
Oxyquinoline (substance)
UNII Identifier: 5UTX5635HP


Oxyquinoline is an active ingredient of these brands:

Australia (AU)

Brazil (BR)

France (FR)

Ireland (IE)

  • (combination) QUINODERM as Potassium hydroxyquinoline sulfate

New Zealand (NZ)

While we strive to include the brand names of medicines across all countries, our index remains incomplete. Therefore, it is possible that this medicine may also be marketed under different names in other countries.

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