ATC Group: L01CD01 Paclitaxel

The World Health Organization's ATC classification organizes medical drugs based on therapeutic properties, chemical composition, and anatomy. It helps make essential medicines readily available globally and is widely used in the pharmaceutical industry.

Position of L01CD01 in the ATC hierarchy

Level Code Title
1 L Antineoplastic and immunomodulating agents
2 L01 Antineoplastic agents
3 L01C Plant alkaloids and other natural products
4 L01CD Taxanes
5 L01CD01 Paclitaxel

Active ingredients in L01CD01

Active Ingredient Description

Paclitaxel is an antimicrotubule agent that promotes the assembly of microtubules from tubulin dimers and stabilises microtubules by preventing depolymerisation. This stability results in the inhibition of the normal dynamic reorganisation of the microtubule network that is essential for vital interphase and mitotic cellular functions.

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