Chemical formula: C₂₅H₃₄O₆  Molecular mass: 430.534 g/mol  PubChem compound: 5281004

Active ingredient description

Budesonide is a glucocorticosteroid with a high local anti-inflammatory effect. At doses clinically equivalent to systemically acting glucocorticosteroids, budesonide gives significantly less HPA axis suppression and has a lower impact on inflammatory markers.

Medicine classification

This medicinal substance has been classified in the anatomical therapeutic chemical (ATC) classification according to its main therapeutic use as follows:

ATC code Group title Classification
A07EA06 Budesonide A Alimentary tract and metabolism → A07 Antidiarrheals, intestinal antiinflammatory/antiinfective agents → A07E Intestinal antiinflammatory agents → A07EA Corticosteroids acting locally
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D07AC09 Budesonide D Dermatologicals → D07 Corticosteroids, dermatological preparations → D07A Corticosteroids, plain → D07AC Corticosteroids, potent (group III)
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R01AD05 Budesonide R Respiratory system → R01 Nasal preparations → R01A Decongestants and other nasal preparations for topical use → R01AD Corticosteroids
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R03BA02 Budesonide R Respiratory system → R03 Drugs for obstructive airway diseases → R03B Other drugs for obstructive airway diseases, inhalants → R03BA Glucocorticoids
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Product monographs

Competent medicine agencies globally have authorized commercialization of this active ingredient according to these medication package inserts (MPIs):

Title Information Source Document Type  
BUDESONIDE 64 Aqueous Nasal Spray Medicines & Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (GB) MPI, EU: SmPC
PULMICORT TURBOHALER 100 Breath-actuated metered dose powder inhaler Medicines & Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (GB) MPI, EU: SmPC
BUDENOFALK Gastro-resistant capsule Medicines & Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (GB) MPI, EU: SmPC
BUDESONIDE Nebuliser Suspension Medicines & Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (GB) MPI, EU: SmPC
BUDENOFALK Rectal foam Medicines & Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (GB) MPI, EU: SmPC

Structural formula

Graphic representation of the active ingredient's molecular structure

External identifiers

CAS Substance: 51333-22-3
DrugBank Drug: DB01222
KEGG Drug: D00246
PubChem Compound: 5281004
RxNorm Ingredient: 19831
SNOMED-CT Concept: 395726003
Budesonide (substance)
UNII Identifier: Q3OKS62Q6X

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