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Calcium chloride

Brand names: ACCUSOL (in combination) AMINOMIX (in combination) AMINOVEN (in combination) ARTISS (in combination) BICAVERA (in combination) BSS (in combination) CALCIJECT CALRECIA CARDIOPLEGIC (in combination) CELSIOR (in combination) CLINIMIX E (in combination) CUSTODIOL (in combination) DELFLEX (in combination) DIANEAL (in combination) DORAMA-NEO (in combination) DUOSOL (in combination) ELLIOTTS B (in combination) EXTRANEAL (in combination) GELASPAN (in combination) KABIVEN (in combination) LACELLATE SOLUTION (in combination) LACTATED RINGER'S AND 5% INJECTION, USP (in combination) LACTATED RINGERS (in combination) LACTATED RINGERS AND DEXTROSE (in combination) LACTORIDE (in combination) MULTIBIC (in combination) NATURALYTE (in combination) NUMETA (in combination) NUTRINEAL PD4 (in combination) OLEUNOR (in combination) OLIMEL (in combination) ORGANOSOL (in combination) PERIKABIVEN (in combination) PERISOL (in combination) PHOXILIUM (in combination) PHYSIONEAL 40 (in combination) PLEGISOL (in combination) PRISMASOL (in combination) RINGERS (in combination) SELECTBAG ONE (in combination) STEROFUNDIN (in combination) TETRASPAN (in combination) TISSEEL (in combination)


Calcium is the most abundant mineral in the body, and is an essential body electrolyte. Homeostasis is mainly regulated by the parathyroid hormone, by calcitonin, and by the activated form of vitamin D. Calcium is a structural component of bones and teeth. It is also required for blood clotting, neurotransmitter release, muscle contraction and normal heartbeat.

ATC Classification

Calcium chloride
A Alimentary tract and metabolism → A12 Mineral supplements → A12A Calcium → A12AA Calcium
Calcium chloride
B Blood and blood forming organs → B05 Blood substitutes and perfusion solutions → B05X I.V. solution additives → B05XA Electrolyte solutions
Calcium chloride
G Genito urinary system and sex hormones → G04 Urologicals → G04B Other urologicals, incl. antispasmodics → G04BA Acidifiers

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