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Also known as: Acetaminophen

Brand names: ACET ACETAZONE FORTE (in combination) ACETAZONE FORTE C8 (in combination) ADOLOMED (in combination) AI KAN SHAN ALCETAMOL ALGOFEN (in combination) ALGOFEN ALLZITAL (in combination) ANALGISER ANAREX (in combination) APADAZ (in combination) APOTEL APOTEL PLUS (in combination) AVADOL BEAFLU PLUS (in combination) BEN-U-RON BENADRYL ALLERGY, SINUS & PAIN TOTAL (in combination) BIOGESIC BUPAP (in combination) BUSCOPAN PLUS (in combination) BUTAPAP (in combination) CALPOL CAMGESIC (in combination) CETAGESIC (in combination) CODANOL (in combination) COMBOGESIC (in combination) COMTREX COLD (in combination) DEPON DHAMOL DILOTAB II (in combination) DOLO DOLOMO (in combination) DUMIN DUOMAX (in combination) DVORAH (in combination) ENDOCET (in combination) ESGIC (in combination) EXCEDRINIL (in combination) FEBRICOL (in combination) FIORICET (in combination) FIORICET WITH CODEINE (in combination) FIZAMOL FLUCOL (in combination) GEWADAL-PAMOL HISTENOL II (in combination) INFLUASS (in combination) INFLUBENE (in combination) IROCOPHAN (in combination) LONARID-N (in combination) LORTAB (in combination) MAXIGESIC (in combination) MEDOTRAMOL (in combination) MERSYNDOL WITH CODEINE (in combination) MEXALEN MEXALEN COMPLEX (in combination) MUCINEX MULTI-ACTION COLD AND SINUS (in combination) MUCINEX MULTI-ACTION COLD FLU AND SORE THROAT (in combination) NALOCET (in combination) NAPA NEOCITRAN COLD AND SORE THROAT NIGHT (in combination) NEOCITRAN EXTRA STRENGTH COLD AND CONGESTION (in combination) NEOCITRAN EXTRA STRENGTH COLD AND SINUS NIGHT (in combination) NEOCITRAN EXTRA STRENGTH TOTAL COLD (in combination) NEOCITRAN EXTRA STRENGTH TOTAL COLD NIGHT (in combination) NEOCITRAN TOTAL COLD NIGHT (in combination) NEOCITRAN ULTRA STRENGTH TOTAL FLU (in combination) NEOCITRAN ULTRA STRENGTH TOTAL FLU NIGHT (in combination) NEURALGIN (in combination) NORCO (in combination) NORGESIC (in combination) NORPHEN (in combination) NOVO-GESIC NUROMOL (in combination) OFIRMEV ORPHENADOL (in combination) PACOFEN (in combination) PAINAID PAMOL PANACO (in combination) PANADEINE (in combination) PANADOL PANADOL COLD & FLU & COUGH (in combination) PANADOL COLD AND FLU (in combination) PANADOL EXTRA (in combination) PANAMOL PARACEN PARACIL PARADOLOR PARALGIN (in combination) PARAMOL-F PARASUSTAIN PARATAB PARCOTEN (in combination) PARMOL PAXIMOL PERCOCET (in combination) PORO PRIMLEV (in combination) PRITAMOL PROGESIC PROLATE (in combination) REMEDOL RICOFLU (in combination) RIVACOCET (in combination) ROBAXACET (in combination) ROBAXACET-8 (in combination) SETAMOL SNIP (in combination) SOLPADEINE (in combination) SOLPADEINE HEADACHE (in combination) STONA COLD (in combination) STRIMOL SUNFLU (in combination) SUNITON (in combination) TANTOGRIP (in combination) TEMPRA TENCON (in combination) THOMAPYRIN (in combination) TRADOCOMP (in combination) TREZIX (in combination) TRIATEC-30 (in combination) TYLENOL TYLENOL WITH CODEINE (in combination) ULTRACET (in combination) UNIFLU COLDS & FLU (in combination) UNIFLU WITH GREGOVITE C (in combination) UPHAMOL VANATOL (in combination) VIVIMED (in combination) VTOL LQ (in combination) WICK MEDINAIT (in combination) ZALDIAR (in combination) ZAMICET (in combination) ZEBUTAL (in combination)


Paracetamol is a medication used to treat pain and fever. It does appear to selectively inhibit COX activities in the brain, which may contribute to its ability to treat fever and pain.

ATC Classification

N Nervous system → N02 Analgesics → N02B Other analgesics and antipyretics → N02BE Anilides

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